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Product News

The temperature of baby's solid food is too important
Release on2018-09-10"Mama how again so, oneself tried again feed baby, much unsanitary", fine son again say to husband. Because want to go to work, fine son and husband t...Read More
Common types of pet dogs.
Release on2018-05-22Teddy A teddy is actually a poodle. The distinguished guest is a French breed, once used as a waterfowl, and the species reached its peak in the 19th ...Read More
Ways to dress up a pet dog and notes.
Release on2018-04-16Ways to dress up a pet dog and notes. But everyone who has a pet dog in the house will dress up.So do you know the way to dress up a pet dog?And what ...Read More
About JT004 Infrared forehead thermometer
Release on2018-03-07This thermometer eliminates any worries about broken glass or mercury hazards. Note that your temperature is affected by smoking, eating, or drinking....Read More
Check the multiple meanings of basal body temperature
Release on2017-12-23Check the multiple meanings of basal body temperature 1、After ovulation, the clinical situation is judged The temperature of ovulation day is the ...Read More
how to use thermometer to measure body temperature at home?
Release on2017-12-22Home testing is convenient Measurement time: the temperature is usually measured on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle 1、Prepare the basic thermom...Read More
The thermometers should be noted for ovulation
Release on2017-12-19Three things to note: 1.The temperature when you wake up:Just waking up, the body does not consume, it is the lowest temperature of the day.Once a day...Read More
Portable Black Body R-1200B
Release on2017-10-08Portable Black Body R-1200B Blackbody radiation source, mainly used for calibration of radiation thermometer, infrared thermal imager and other rad...Read More
ear thermometer
Release on2017-09-18Tips: 1. Fast and timely, from the ear can also measure body temperature (high-tech, high sensitivity, 1 second quickly measured body temperature); Hi...Read More
Release on2017-09-04The Basal Body Temperature(BBT) consists of two phases with the day of ovulation in the middle.The BBT is lower prior to ovulation and higher after ov...Read More
Care and Maintenance
Release on2017-08-31Care and Maintenance(JT002BT) Keep the thermometer clean Do not use a strong jet of water to clean the thermometer, or leave it immersed in water for ...Read More
Release on2017-08-29Women differ from men in their sexual functions in that they are capable of "getting pregnant","bearing children and "nursing children".Due to this wo...Read More
How to take accurate Basel Body Temperatures?
Release on2017-08-221.The Basel Body Temperature(BBT)measurements should be taken orally for 5 minutes in the case of keeping the BBT chart. 2.Take your temperature immed...Read More
How to use the Forehead Infrared thermometer correctly?
Release on2017-08-19⒈Forehead temperature Measurement mode 1) Press the ON key to start, when it display "----", it is ready to measure. When the LCD displays "Body", me...Read More
The Air We Breathe: Is It Safe?
Release on2017-08-17Summer can bring more than just sunshine and swimming opportunities. In many urban areas, summer is the time of year when smog is at its worst. Smog i...Read More
How should your face mask be worn?
Release on2017-08-161. Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching the face mask. 2. Remove mask from the dispenser or box and make sure the masks do not h...Read More
Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important
Release on2017-08-15Hospital and medical center staff wear face masks to prevent the spread of disease. This post will highlight why wearing a face mask is so important a...Read More
The mask of 3-D design
Release on2017-08-11The mask of 3-D design The mask of 3-D design according to the facial contour,avoid friction with thenose and mouth.Nose clip with any shape desig...Read More