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ear thermometer wholesale JT003ear thermometer wholesale JT003

ear thermometer wholesale JT003

  • To measure Ear temperature and Object temperature
  • 9 memory
  • Backlight-Optional
  • Result Indicator
  • Fever alarm
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto shut-off
  • Fast result in 2 seconds
  • Dual Scale, switchable

JT003 Baby ear Thermometer measures infrared energy by the eardrumn surrounding tissues.


Human core temperature is the temperature of blood in heart and brain.There are some sites which could be measured directly,eardrum,Oral,Rectal,Axillary etc.


1、Please take off the sensor cover before measure the temperature of ear.If have dirt on sensor,please clean it with a cotton swap or soft cloth moistened with 95% alcohol.

2、At measuring mode,enviroment temperature is always on the LCD display.

3、The Ear Temperature have automatic measurement function.When place it into the ear,an accurate temperature measurement has been taken with "Bi" voice,Green LED will be meaning everything is fine.When reading is higher than 38 ℃,Red LED will be meaning the baby is fever.

4、The Ear Thermometer will be into standby mode without any trigger within 1  minute after measurement .Push "On/Off"key,all symbols will be on the LCD display and will be measuring mode.

Don't disassemble or repair the thermometer by yourself.
Don't use the mobile phone near the thermometer.
Please pay attention to the battery polar when replace the batteries.
Remove the battery when the thermometer will not be used for 3 months or more.

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