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petbrush user manual

User Manual Table of Content Page No 1. Introduction …………………………………...

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1. Can you make our own color box?
yes,but the quantities reaches at 1000pcs.
2. Are you a factory?
Yes,we are
3. why choose us?
We are factory, we have competitive price an faster delivery , and we also have the best quality.
4. How long does the spoon and the fork to measure the food temperature?
about 10 minites
5. How quickly can I get my order after my payment?
In a sample or in a small amount, we send it expressly like DHL, Fedex, Ups, it takes about 4 days to deliver it to your address.

For large quantities we will send them by sea, it takes: 25-40 days to deliver different countries, but it saves the cost of the shipment.
6. Can I take a small quantity as trial order?
Yes, Our MOQ is 200 pcs as trial order, you can test the market first.
7. OEM and ODM Service.
We can OEM your own gift box and print your Logo on ptoducts if the quantity is available.
8. Warranty
The warranty of our products is 12 months.
9. Multi-product Packaging Service.
We can provide Multi-product packaging service according to your requirements, and the price will be more economic.
10. How many datas can JT004 record?
32 datas
11. How many data can JT003 record?
10 datas
12. How many datas does the JT002BTS and JT002BT record?
Just one ,when you open the thermometer ,you can see the data which are the last time data that recorded.
13. What battery does this use?It is easily replacement?
It use 2pcs AAA batteries and it is replacement.
14. Is the beep loud enough to hear easily?
15. How many data the Infrared forehead thermometer will in memory ?
There are 32 data in memory about Infrared forehead thermometer.
16. Where is the mask manufactured?
In China.Box is all written in Chinese---good luck to understand it.
17. What should you pay attention to if you wear a mask?
Can only be used for pollutants, the wrong use will lead to disease or even death.
18. What kinds of people are suitable for the thermometer?
For maternal and child groups.
19. Stretch mantle tight too tight to ear?
Protective masks are not close, close, then fail to achieve the protective effect, it is recommended before each wearing, the appropriate stretch ear strap, to ensure the comfort of wearing.
20. How long does the mask use?
about a week
21. Can you do OEM ?
Yes,we can do OEM,and OEM main customer is the Uuropean Union and the United States.