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The temperature of baby's solid food is too important

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-09-10
"Mama how again so, oneself tried again feed baby, much unsanitary", fine son again say to husband.

Because want to go to work, fine son and husband take mother-in-law to shenzhen, help take a child. Since the child eats the supplementary food, when the mother-in-law feeds the child with the mouth to test the temperature, but since the mother-in-law takes the child to be laborious, also embarrassed to say what to the face, but because of the fear that the baby will be infected by the bacteria, can only complain with the husband.

The husband also embarrassed to say what, can say to think method only, have the opportunity to say again with mother. See with husband say these have no use, have to seek bosom friend to tell the bitterness in the heart, and ask how should do. The child of bosom friend is older than her child 3 many months, so some experience, say to fine fine son, actually very simple, the mother-in-law USES the mouth to try to eat is to know the temperature, that buy a can measure the temperature of spoon can be ok, the child intelligence that my baby USES measures temperature of spoon of soup spoon always very good.

Later, qingzi also bought a children's temperature measuring spoon. Since she bought back the children's intelligent temperature measuring spoon, qingzi did not see her mother-in-law again when she was feeding the baby solid food, so she was more relieved to give the child to her mother-in-law.

Born for temperature measurement, born for baby health. Division instrument children intelligent temperature measuring spoon with professional electronic thermometer probe, can undertake food within 30 seconds of temperature measurement, and error can be controlled within 1 ℃. Feeding the baby with a thermometer spoon can be used to warm the baby instead of the mouth test, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses in the adult mouth to the child through saliva. A soup spoon can not only measure the temperature of gruel, but also the temperature of milk, water, soup and other foods to avoid scalding.

For the baby, the most ideal consisting temperature is 37 ℃, not only conducive to digestion, also easy to absorb nutrition. If the food is cold, it often causes stomach upset, and if it is too hot, it burns the baby's mouth and tongue. As long as the food is placed in the food, the LED screen will quickly and accurately show the temperature, which can be seen by the elderly and children. It is convenient to feed the food to the baby at the optimal temperature and ensure the optimal absorption of food nutrition.

With safe material, give the baby the best care. The temperature measuring spoon is made of food-grade ABS material, and no chemical substance will be produced in the measurement of high temperature, so as to avoid the impact of chemical pollution on food safety. In addition, the waterproof performance of the soup spoon measured by the analyzer is very good, reaching grade IPX5. After each use, it can be cleaned with water, which is convenient for cleaning and reduces the breeding of bacteria.

What the baby likes is the best. Koi intelligent temperature spoons creative zodiac style, through the lovely image, can be very good to meet the childlike innocence, so that the baby easy to accept the spoon. Coupled with small and light spoon, the baby can grab at will, conducive to exercise the child's ability to use hands.