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New product release

Disinfection of thermometer
Release on 2018-08-061. After measuring the temperature, rinse with water first. 2. Immerse for 5 minutes in a solution of 75 amino acids or 1:50 effervescent effervescent...Read More
petbrush user manual
Release on 2018-07-19User Manual Table of Content Page No 1. Introduction …………………………………...Read More
New arrival Portable Black Body
Release on 2017-09-13Portable Black Body Hi-te PID control system High precision good stability Cavity structure is conical ,fully guarantee the emissivity. Specific prod...Read More
Neck mask VT103
Release on 2017-09-06Medexpro has produced a new product recently.Neck mask VT103 which don't have Breathing valve,unlike neck mask 103v.This items are all high quality an...Read More
New arrival ! The mask VT102 of 3-D design
Release on 2017-09-01Nowadays,it is a common things to wear mask for many reason which including PM2.5,dust , disease infection, industrial pollution and so on .Until rece...Read More