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ear thermometer

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2017-09-18

1. Fast and timely, from the ear can also measure body temperature (high-tech, high sensitivity, 1 second quickly measured body temperature);
High-tech, high sensitivity, 1 second rapid detection of body temperature;
2. Automatic storage, so that memory worry
With the last time the temperature of the automatic storage function, so you at any time to review their own health index.
3. Flexible conversion, so you no longer worry
Can be converted to Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius
4. Toucan design, you understand our intimate
It is convenient for you to insert the ear thermometer correctly into the ear, facing the direction of the eardrum, which is critical for measuring the correct body temperature;
Safe and comfortable, suitable for small baby use, to avoid damage to the baby's ears.
5. Environmental protection, we know you are supportive
Mercury contamination and glass rupture without conventional mercury thermometers completely exclude the mercury hazards of traditional mercury thermometers
6. Measurement: for units and individuals to measure the temperature dedicated



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