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How do you keep your dog warm when winter comes?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-08-22

How do you keep your dog warm when winter comes

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Up to? As you adjust your lifestyle to the cold weather, take the time to give your dog special attention. Proper nutrition is a top priority, as adequate nutrition and energy can make a dog more resistant to cold in winter. Here's a list of "do's" and "don 'ts" to offer active protection from the inside out:

1. Prepare appropriate and proper food for the dog: the dog that is often outdoors needs more food in cold weather. Prepare high-quality dog food for the dog and feed it more every day to save more calories to keep out of the cold. On the other hand, dogs that spend the winter indoors and rarely go outside require less food in the winter to avoid obesity caused by reduced physical activity.

2. Prepare a proper amount of clean warm water for your dog: if your dog is outdoors, prepare a basin that can be filled with warm water. Don't use a metal container, though, as your dog's tongue can be stuck to cold metal. The air is very dry in winter, and dogs that spend the winter indoors will also need more water.

3, clean the antifreeze that spills on the ground: for pets, vehicle antifreeze is one of the most dangerous winter killers. Those kept in the garage should pay more attention. Dogs love the sweetness of antifreeze, but unfortunately only a small amount of antifreeze can be deadly to them. If you suspect your dog has drunk the antifreeze, take him to a veterinarian immediately. Also consider using non-toxic antifreeze solution for animals.

4Shower and brush it regularly. Dogs also need a bath in the winter, especially for dogs that are active. Their hair is easily tangled and deposited in mud and snow. After taking a bath, let their hair dry thoroughly before letting them out. When not convenient water bath time can consider to use the pet special dry cleaning shampoo dry cleaning, attention must brush the powder clean. In addition, regular grooming will not only keep your dog's hair soft and well protected against the cold, but it will also untangle the knots, get rid of dust and dead hair and boost skin metabolism. On the other hand, it can also be found in time hidden under the thick hair mass or trauma.

5Cut short the hairs around its pads to help prevent snow and ice from accumulating on its PAWS. Cold weather is a severe test for dogs. Wipe their PAWS dry after each outing to avoid problems such as chapping, inflammation and infection.

6, get a coat for short - haired dogs: find the signs that your dog is feeling cold. Dogs, like humans, shiver when they feel cold.

7Keep your dog safe and warm at night. It's dark early in the winter. Please put it on the pet reflective bra we sell. Its unique safety reflective strip is made of professional reflective materials, which can reflect bright light in weak light, warning passing vehicles to avoid letting the dogs stay under protection. Dogs' body temperature will drop when they stay in the cold air for a long time. The crown can be made of "shiny night clothes" with soft and warm warmth. Nylon buttons and elastic buttons are designed for easy adjustment and tightness.

In this cold winter is going to pass, please love your pet dog with warmth and happiness. Give your dog active protection from the inside out!