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How to train a dog to fetch food?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-08-10

How to train a dog to fetch food?

Fetch is an activity that labrador dogs often practice. The training of the title is a kind of relatively complex movement, including "the rank", "vomit", "come", "distinguish" and so on content, therefore, the training must be carried out step by step, gradually formed, cannot act in haste.

Dogs should be trained first

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Develop the conditional reflex of "the bit", "vomit" password. Training methods should be treated separately according to the nerve types and special conditions of dogs.

When training with the method of induction, should choose the quiet environment and easy to cause the dog excited items. Right hand holds the item, quickly shaking in front of the dog, cause the excitement of a dog, then throw out 1 to 2 meters, immediately issued a "bit" password, the dogs arrived to bit to bit before items, repeat "bit" password, such as dog bit items, should be "good" password and touch a reward, let your dog mouth for a moment (about 30 seconds), namely "vomit" password, master take items, should be given food reward, form a conditioned reflex after repeatedly.

Some dogs have to be trained in coercion. At this point, the dog sitting on the left side of the owner, issued the "title" command, the right hand holding things, left to open the dog mouth, put items into the dog's mouth, and then with the right hand to the dog's jaw. At the beginning of training, after the dog holds it for a few seconds, the dog will issue a "vomit" command, take out the item, and give a reward.