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What happens when the thermometer breaks

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-06-04
About mercury and thermometers and thermometers.
Mercury is really tricky, life at the time of using a thermometer, clinical thermometer must be very careful, once broken, snatched a thermometer and mercury leaked that cause, also don't panic, here to provide a reference method, can use wet cotton swab (swab) medical or tape on paper will fall on the ground of mercury sets up and into the can sealing small bottles, plastic bottles, such as bottles and add a little water in the bottle, the evaporation of water's purpose is to prevent mercury, pay special attention to, in the process of collecting, want quick, open the window and, maintain good ventilation, try not to hand contact with mercury, Collect more good mercury to avoid into the sewer, if mercury groundwater, people drank water containing heavy metal, can endanger human body health, proposed to collect good waste mercury, chemical lab to custody, the environmental protection department, or the Japanese minamata disease, pain pain disease, are the most typical symptoms of mercury poisoning, must be careful. For mercury that falls on the ground and cannot be collected completely, sprinkle with sulfur powder to reduce mercury toxicity. Because sulfur powder and mercury can combine to form volatile mercuric sulfide compounds, preventing mercury from volatile into the air harm human health. Life, of course, it is difficult for us to have saved the sulfur powder in the home, in this case, no mercury collected, if cannot be handled in a timely manner, we (mercury evaporate quickly), you need to keep the window for a long time is ventilated, due to mercury vapor density is very big, can use a fan, exhaust fan, exhaust device, speed up to exclude the mercury vapour in the air, the room if there is a close distance from the ground vents also want to open, along with all the best, of course, as mercury vapor is certainly in the outside world, and that is something inevitable. 2. USES mercury thermometer is used in the life, and is not necessarily the thermometer, because the thermometer can be divided into a lot of kinds, the most common form of thermometer is the mercury thermometer and alcohol, the alcohol thermometer risk is small, but the measuring temperature range is small, therefore, in the experiment, the alcohol thermometer is usually suitable for small temperature range of measurement, but for our life, the range is sufficient, therefore, having a lot of alcohol thermometer, because alcohol is a colorless liquid, in order to enable people to observe carefully, usually in the alcohol thermometer joined the obvious red color, so, if you have broken the thermometer is red, That suggests that it should be the alcohol thermometer, that don't have to make a fuss, swept the glass pieces into the trash can, mercury thermometer broke, you'll be on the ground to see a chubby little silver liquid beads, if not, then you can rest assured.

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