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Autumn tour

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2017-11-15

It's autumn now. the weather is warm and comfortable. it's a good time for hiking. therefore, we organized a climbing. there is a beautiful mountain in my city .we took bus there and arrived there at 9 p.m. After we took off the bus, we started to climb.the mountain is high but the scenery is beautiful. We are so excited that we climbed fast at first. but after a while, some of us were tired,especially girls. They did not want to go on anymore. But some others encouraged and helped them. all of us slowed down our speed, so that no one was left behind. about 11:00 p.m., we got to the top of the mountain. we were so happy that we did it. we feel that all the tiredness were worth it.

We sang and chatted while we were climbing the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain, we found ourselves sweating and out of breathe. We sat on the stones in the sunshine to have a rest. There were many pine trees around us. the grass was getting green; the wind was soft and fresh. Everything was so beautiful that all of us couldn't help shouting to the mountain loudly, “we love nature!”

yes, all good things and are not initially can be found, you is a persevering endeavor. my life is also true, but i was not daunted by difficulties in learning and hard to put forward, my life will have a good result.

everyone has different ways to spend time on holidays or weekends,and so have i .as time goes by, my interests change too. i don't want to live as before. i'm looking for a special way to have a healthy body. instead of spending my vacation staying at home,surfing the internet or sleeping all day,i choose moutain climbing.and i like it very much.
why i like moutain climbing? let me tell you.at first,moutain climbing is good for my health and i can take exercise at the same time.secondly,it can help me to build up my endurance and it's helpful to me in my studies. i also can get close to nature. i usually go for moutain climbing in my holiday with my friends. we often set out in the morning .because at that time, the air is better. as we go , we can enjoy the beautiful scenery around us . especially when we reach the top of the mountain we can enjoy the scenery of the city that we live in .
don't stay at home , go out ! climb mountains with us together.

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