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The most serious and most common of canine diseases

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-05-23
The most serious and most common of canine diseases

1. : rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by viral infection, the disease zoonotic, damage is very serious, almost 100% mortality rate, so far no medicine can cure, vaccine of inject wild dog is the only effective prevention measures. At present, there are two kinds of vaccine against rabies in our country: rabies attenuated cells and rabies vaccine. Rabies weak toxin cells freeze dried seedlings, after diluting with sterilization water, no matter the size of the dog, uniform subcutaneous injection 1 ml, immunization period 1 year. Rabies vaccine, dogs weighing 4 kg or less, each injection 3 ml; For dogs weighing more than 4 kg, each injection is 5 ml, and the immunization period is half a year. In addition, the injection of five or six seedlings is a good way to prevent rabies and other diseases. Although there is no obvious adverse reaction after the vaccination, the injection should be followed.

2. Ascariasis: it is a widespread intestinal parasitic disease that severely affects the normal development of puppies and young dogs. It can be used to prevent ear mites.

Pseudo rabies: this disease is caused by a variety of domestic and wild animals caused by the virus, the incidence of pigs is high, and dogs are infected. The dog is infected by the infected meat, pork, rat meat, etc., or from the wound infection of the dog. The death rate is high, but it does not excrete the virus. Staring, brooding, scratching and scratching. The area around the wound is red and swollen, the sick dog groans, refuses to eat, vomits, gnaw foreign body, pharynx paralyzes, saliva, appear similar to rabies symptom and die. Prevention is the main disease: dogs are forbidden to enter the pigpen, and it is a good idea to inject pseudo rabies vaccine against the puppies aged above 4 months.

4. Canine parvovirus disease: this disease is a canine infectious disease that has been detected in recent years by the feces, urine, saliva, etc. Mainly harm puppies. Enteritis type of sickness dog depressed, increased body temperature, refus feeds, vomiting, diarrhea, discharge thin paste, watery stools and jet discharge the smelly, tomato sample soon die for dehydration, heart type of sickness dog diarrhea is light, often suddenly died of breathing difficulties. The disease is easily misdiagnosed as enteritis, dysentery, pneumonia, etc. The mortality rate of the sick dog is 10% to 50%, the sick dog is treated by the veterinarian, and the injection of antitoxin no.1 has a good effect on the disease. It is the best way to prevent this disease by injecting canine parvovirus vaccine or five-link vaccine.

5. Canine distemper: this disease is an acute infectious disease caused by the virus, which mainly affects puppies aged 3-12 months. The sick dog has decreased appetite, vomiting, tiredness, chills, coughing, high fever, fecal odor or blood. With fear of light, tears, runny nose or purulent nasal fluid, bronchitis or pneumonia; Physical spasmodic movements, screaming and running, foaming at the mouth or convulsing, the course of illness, or long or short, often has the aftereffects of weakness, some months later death. This disease occurs mostly in the cold October - April, the fatality rate is high. The treatment of this disease can be injected with analgin, intramuscular injection of penicillin or oral sulfonamides. It is the best way to prevent the disease by vaccinating the weaned puppies.

6. Infectious hepatitis of dogs: this disease is an acute septic infection caused by the infectious hepatitis virus of the dog, mainly affecting the pups within 1 year of age. At the beginning of the disease, body temperature rise to 41 ℃, tired and thirsty to drink, diarrhea, bloody, afraid of light, such as back arch. High mortality in puppies; Adult dogs can recover from dangerous periods. This disease infusion and supplement of vitamin B, vitamin C treatment, injection of antibiotics to prevent infection, oral liver too happy to protect liver.

7. Dog tuberculosis: three types of tuberculosis: human, bovine and avian. Dog TB is caused by human or bovine TB bacteria. Puppies are easy to develop and can be dangerous to humans. Dogs with open TB should be culled and buried deep in order to avoid spreading infection.

8. Major meningitis: the disease is caused by meningitis. The sick dog's paroxysmal muscle rigidity or convulsion. There is no cure value for the sick dog.

9. Canine encephalitis: lesions caused by different etiologies caused by the destruction of nerve cells, or by canine distemper virus, or by intracerebral invasion, or other viral infections. The main symptoms are high fever, vomiting, drowsiness, stiff neck, convulsions, confusion, and death from respiratory failure. Early onset of symptomatic treatment; Severe cases should be culled and buried.

10. Pneumonia: a dog depressed, poor appetite, xi lie to love drinking water, 39.5 40 ℃ temperature. There are obvious signs of pneumonia. The disease can be injected with analgesic and hypothermia, and the muscle injection of penicillin or oral erythromycin is also good.

11. Dog mould pneumonia: fungal infection of this disease, also infected person. Symptoms of fungal pneumonia: cough, dyspnea, ascites, diarrhea, severe dehydration, etc.

12. Dog flu: the disease is caused by rain, cold, fatigue and malnutrition. The sick dog is anorexic, high fever, tears, cough, breathing and pulse quickens, the spirit is depressed and so on.