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How to choose a household spoon?

sanie medexpro 2018-09-19 10:02:41
A spoon is an essential utensil in our daily lives. Every family must have a spoon in their home. But a small spoon, in the process of selection and purchase has a certain knowledge. Buying the wrong spoon can cause discomfort. So how do we pick out spoons in everyday life?

There are many types of spoons, and there are also many materials used to make spoons. Although different spoons have the same functions, the spoons should be selected according to the material and type of the spoons.

When choosing a plastic spoon, choose a plain one. Plastic spoons are made from special chemical materials and come in a variety of colors. When choosing, had better choose plain plastic spoon, because plain plastic spoon did not use too much pigment, when using, won't have the circumstance that take off paint, the harm to human body is less. Also check the contents of heavy metals such as lead and chromium in plastic spoons, and choose ones with low levels of heavy metals.

Choose a quality wooden spoon. Wooden spoons are also scoops that many families choose, made from wood. When choosing a wooden spoon, choose a spoon with smooth surface, delicate texture and texture. Such a wooden spoon is well-made and better used.

Choose corrosion-resistant spoons when choosing stainless steel spoons. Stainless steel spoon is made of stainless steel, stainless steel spoon mainly depends on the quality of stainless steel. Now generally choose a spoon made of 304 stainless steel, which is food-grade and safer. In addition, when choosing a stainless steel spoon, choose a spoon with a smooth and thick surface. Such spoons are more resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

When choosing a porcelain spoon, choose a glittering and translucent spoon. Porcelain spoons are also commonly used spoons, beautiful porcelain spoons can give people a sense of beauty. When choosing porcelain spoons, we should choose some porcelain spoons that look shiny and crystal clear. Such spoons will be heated to the right place when being fired, with large crystal density, high porcelain surface strength and crystal feeling.

In addition to picking out spoons, there are a few things to look out for when using a spoon. For example, a baby's spoon should be used exclusively, not mixed with an adult's spoon. Moldy wooden spoon must be discarded, can not be used again; Cracked plastic spoons and very thin stainless steel spoons cannot be used, etc.