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What should we do when break the thermometer by accident?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-04
I broke the thermometer by accident, and the mercury in it was sprinkled on the table. Do I need any special treatment?

Although the temperature measurement is not very large, it is only about 0.5g, but if the temperature exceeds the limit, it will still exceed the limit, causing harm to human body.


1.Open the window ventilated, take good gloves (the kind of rubber, the home has commonly). Be careful not to let your metal watches, rings, etc. touch mercury.

2.If you use a large amount, you can scrape it directly into a bottle with a piece of cardboard or something. It's a little bit of a little bit of a pickpocket, a little bit of a pickpocket, and then a little bit of a bigger ball, and you roll it into a bottle, and it's kind of fun. Small places with tape collection, a variety of other baffling metal powder certainly not common at home, not recommended. After that, wipe with wet paper, stick with adhesive tape, can basically clear, after treatment east thing put in a bottle, inside had better cover with water, avoid volatilization. If you can do that, don't litter, don't poach people, don't pollute the water.

3.At home, two solvents can handle tiny amounts of mercury, after the second step, of course. Use iron chloride solution, or bleach solution. Well, that's about it. The concentration is not that high. Don't get it on the clothes. It's hard to wash. If not, it doesn't matter, the small place is handled, open the window to ventilate walk, can open fan to blow fan open.

Principle of iron chloride treatment: 2FeCl3 + 2Hg = 2FeCl2 + Hg2Cl2

Bleaching powder treatment principle: 2Hg + 2 NaClO + 2 HCL = Hg2OCl2 + H2O + 2 NaCl

Matters needing attention

1.Mercury is a cumulative poison, and if you feel really sick recently, you can go to the hospital and check for blood mercury.

2.In addition, note some unknown origin of cosmetics, some of the higher mercury content. This thing is much, not only bad to nerve, bad to kidney also, had before the case that cosmetic mercury exceeds standard to cause nephrotic syndrome and so on