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Do a good job of occupational safety protection, starting from themselves

sanie MEDEXPRO 2018-06-29 16:26:27
As the saying goes, labor is the most glorious! But the glory of labor should be built on the premise of protecting our own safety. The labor which costs our own safety and health may not bring us honor, but suffering. Here, haigu small make up sincere appeal every worker, for their own health, from their own occupational disease prevention, responsible for life.

In order to avoid or mitigate the accident and occupational hazards, workers must raise their awareness of self-protection and do a good job of self-protection. The specific work should be done from the following aspects:

1. Complete occupational safety and health training before formal employment. Understand the laws and regulations related to occupational safety, understand the relevant production process, understand the possible risk factors in the operating environment and emergency treatment methods, etc.

2. Take good measures to protect yourself during work. In the process of production, workers must abide by relevant operating rules, follow the organization's arrangement, and consciously use personal safety protective equipment, such as gas mask and protective clothing.

3. Stay in a good mood. Don't be distracted or distracted at work. Keep in good mood, eliminate all distractions, and avoid the danger caused by negligence.