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Analysis on the development trend of China's thermometer industry in 2017

snaie medexpro 2018-05-29 11:36:51
The thermometer has been around for more than 200 years. It is convenient to use, accurate to measure and widely used. With the development of modern science and technology, the thermometer is constantly being replaced. It can be predicted that in the rapid development of new and high technology tomorrow, more advanced, more scientific, more accurate new thermometer will be developed. The following part will analyze the development trend of China's thermometer industry in 2017.

Mercury thermometers are not banned in our country. Mercury thermometers are still widely used in medicine and in homes, and some pharmacies can buy them.

Mercury thermometers and producers in our country, from the China association for medical devices industry, according to data from the 2013 national production mercury thermometer mercury consumption of 110 tons, equivalent to 22 billion standard mercury energy-saving lamps with mercury. According to statistics, more than 10 tons of mercury are treated as waste due to the damage of mercury thermometers every year in China. In 2013, 150 million thermometers were produced in China, of which 120 million were mercury thermometers.

Experts say electronic thermometers are the preferred alternative to mercury thermometers. At least 70 percent of China's mercury-containing thermometers will be replaced by electronics by 2017, according to the mercury pollution convention. Hospitals in China are expected to replace about 24.5 million mercury thermometers. Less than 3 million have been replaced nationwide. If the purchase price of an electronic thermometer is close to 100 yuan, there will be nearly 20 billion yuan market space.

Analysis on the development trend of Chinese thermometer industry

According to the report hall of China from 2016 to 2022 thermometer industry development trend of the market research and investment analysis, according to a report of modern microelectronics, micro machining, computers, new materials, superconducting technology and laid a solid foundation for the research and development of new clinical thermometer.

1. Develop towards high precision

As a result of the continuous improvement of automation, there is a large demand for the thermometers with high sensitivity, high precision and fast response speed.

2. Develop towards high reliability and long life

Thermometer directly relates to the anti-interference and reliability of measurement error problem, also is related to the accuracy of the measurement results, and can work under low temperature environment, with long life will improve the reliability of medical observation.

3. Develop towards integration

Thermometer integration is to realize the miniaturization, intelligence and the important guarantee of muti_function change, with the continuous development of microelectronics technology, many countries have set temperature sensing element, compensation circuit, amplifying circuit, the processing components, focus on the same chip, will even more sensors on a single chip, which integrates function and data processing.

4. Develop towards miniaturization and miniaturization

Large volume thermometers are inconvenient to use and waste materials. Microthermometers can meet the requirements of special occasions and reduce the cost of processing.

5. Develop towards intelligence

The concept of the traditional thermometer has from pure sensitive element for measuring the temperature for the development of measurement system based on the clinical thermometer, namely on the basis of the integration, with signal measurement, processing, storage, error and self-diagnosis capacity, enlarged the application range, anti-interference ability, is advantageous for the communication with the computer.

6. Develop from traditional materials to new materials

The design of the thermometer is based on the laws that the physical and chemical properties of some materials change with the temperature. Therefore, in order to develop a new type of thermometer, it is necessary to develop new materials and discover new effects and phenomena so as to meet the design requirements of new products.

Learns through analyzing clinical thermometer industry development trend, the huge intelligent thermometers market space and prospect, attracted many entrepreneurs mass entering, into the field of tves are large medical group, technology giant, and emerging enterprises, entrepreneurial team, etc. Many are concentrated in the field of intelligent thermometer, among which many innovative intelligent products have emerged, such as wearable intelligent thermometer.

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