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The correct way to wear a mask (the correct way to wear a disposable mask)

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-09
Recently, the haze has come up again. Many of my friends have put on masks. As an example, let's talk about the correct way to wear a disposable mask.

1.To understand the mask, whether it is a disposable mask, or other masks, there are positive and negative, in the case of disposable masks, the color of the deep is the front, the front facing out. Look at the figure below, where the red circle is located, and there is a metal bar with a nose clip.

2.The back of a disposable mask is lighter and the back is facing inward, meaning the light side is pressed against our face. In addition, it should be noted that one end of the metal strip is above the mask, not to wear upside down.

3.After separating the front, back, top and bottom of the mask, the correct way to wear the mask is not far away. Wash clean, ensure the mask color shallow side itself (opposite), a metal strip end up (above), will be at the ends of the rope to hang on the ear, see here, you think it would take a mask, finished?

4.The answer is no, the most important step is to press both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands, so that the upper end of the mask is close to the bridge of the nose. Then stretch the mask down so it doesn't wrinkle and covers the nose and mouth better.

5.Well, it's done. After wearing the mask correctly, you won't be afraid of the smog any more.