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How to celebrate New Year's day in different countries ?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2017-12-29

The New Year,Always bring good wishes to people. In this New Year, people from all over the world greeted the New Year with their unique and unique style.

England:On New Year's day, every household must make a bottle of wine and a cupboard full of meat. The British believe that without the rest of the wine, the next year would be poor. In addition, in the UK, the custom of "drilling well water" popular in the New Year, people strive for the first to go to fetch water, think that the first water is a happy person, the water is lucky water. On New Year's eve, the English people often take their cakes and wine to visit. They don't knock on the door and go straight to their relatives and friends. According to the British custom, the man who steps into the house after the eve of the New Year's eve heralds a New Year of luck. If the first guest is a dark-haired man, or a happy, happy, wealthy man, the owner will be lucky for the whole year. If the first guest is a fair-haired woman, or a sad, poor, unhappy man, The master will be unlucky in the New Year, and will encounter difficulties and disasters. On New Year's eve, people who visit friends and relatives should go to the fire in the fireplace before they talk, and wish the master "open the door". In some parts of central England, New Year's day in the morning to go out, whether familiar or unfamiliar, will send copper, they think that by doing so, not only each other type are there in a year, it will also bring us luck.

India:New Year's day in India is called "New Year's day" and "fast New Year's day". On the first day of the New Year, no one should be angry or angry. In some places, the Spring Festival not only does not celebrate, but also to cry. They believe that the beginning of New Year's day, the years are easy to die -- life is short, and the crying is used to express the exclamation. People in some areas have been fasting for the New Year, beginning in the wee hours of New Year's day and starting at midnight.

Mongolia:New Year coming, Mongolia old man will dress up as a shepherd, plush leather coat, wearing a top hat, holding a whip, constantly in the air of the whip snapped my ring, as a blessing of exorcism.

Brazil:The brazilians, on New Year's day, held up torches and flocked to the mountains. People are scrambling to find the golden birch that symbolizes happiness. Only people who are in danger can find such rare fruit. They call it "the search." In rural Brazil, there is a unique custom of catching each other's ears. When people meet on New Year's day, they must seize each other's ears and express their blessings.

Pakistan:On New Year's day, people in Pakistan ran out with red powder, saw friends and relatives, and passed the new xi. They put red powder on their foreheads to celebrate the New Year's auspicious blessings.

Afghanistan:On New Year's day, the residents of northern Afghanistan have a fierce goat game to celebrate. The two riders fought for their prey, and the game was tense and festive.

Argentina:Argentines regard water as the most holy. On New Year's day, groups of old and young people flock to the river to wash "New Year's bath" to wash away all their filth.

Mexico:People in some parts of Mexico are forbidden to laugh when the New Year comes. They have 18 months of the year, 20 days a month, and no laughter in the last five days of the year.

Bulgaria:On New Year's day, who sneezes who will bring happiness to the whole family, the family will give him the first sheep, ox or foal, to wish him happiness for the whole family.

Paraguay:Bala people set the last five days of the year as "cold food day". During these five days, the head of state and the ordinary people can not move fireworks, can only eat cold food, until New Year's day, can fire a fire to cook, celebrate the festival.

Scotland:The Scots had some money in front of each door on New Year's eve, and no one kept watch, and the thieves and the beggars saw nothing at all. Because of the local custom, the money was put outside the door on New Year's eve, and the next day, when the New Year was coming, when the door was opened early in the morning, it was seen that there was money in the doorway, and the idea of "making a fortune" was taken.

Spain:The spaniards were reunited on the eve of the dollar, and all the family members were reunited to celebrate with music and games. At midnight the twelve o 'clock bell began to ring first, and everyone was fighting for grapes. The fruit can be eaten by the dozen of the 12, which symbolizes every month of the New Year. On New Year's day, the most taboo children to swear, fight and cry, think these phenomena are ominous. So, on New Year's day, the adults always try to meet all the children's demands. At the same time, people will carry a gold coin or copper COINS to show luck.

Belgium:In Belgium, in the morning of New Year's day, the first thing in the countryside is to pay a New Year to the animals. The people went to the cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats and other animals, and said to these creatures, "happy New Year!"

Turkey:On New Year's eve, the turks will take a shower and put on their new clothes, which they believe will remove the old year's old and new and welcome the next year.

Argentina:One night before New Year's day, everyone prepared a bowl of water and heard the New Year bell ring, and everyone quickly splashed the water on the street, meaning "except the year"

Columbia:On New Year's eve, every street are making a lot of puppet -- "old", and announced that the "old testament", "note" content funny, happy, to win people will "puppet" to blow up at midnight, in the explosion shattered last year "puppet", people singing and dancing, to celebrate each other.

Japanese:In the morning of New Year's day, a young man took to the streets to greet the rising sun. Then he went to the shrine to visit the shrine or to say hello to relatives and friends. They called New Year's day "the day of the day". On this day, their breakfast is very big, eat granulated sugar to be the place, buckwheat noodles and so on, drink tu su wine. For three days after that, I ate a vegetarian diet to show my devotion and pray for the coming year.

Thailand:Thai traditional New Year's day, namely "songkran" (" songkran "is Sanskrit transliteration), also known as the" water-splashing festival ", the festival, people and spraying each other happily wish elder longevity and lucky New Year, relatives or friends. Unmarried young men and women use water to express their mutual affection. In the New Year, the Thai people put a basin of clean water on the window sill and the door, hoping for a good New Year and a good day.

Germany:During the New Year's day, the German people will set up a fir tree and a tree. The leaves are covered with silk flowers. They climbed into a chair at midnight on New Year's eve, and when the bell rang, they jumped out of their chairs and threw a weight behind the back of the chair in a sign of trouble and into the New Year. In the countryside of Germany, there is also a New Year's custom - "climb tree competition", to show the promotion.

Egypt:Egyptians call the Nile's day of water the beginning of the New Year. In some parts of Egypt, on New Year's day, granules of crops such as soya beans, lentils, purple clover and wheat are available, as well as small shoots of green plants to symbolize abundance. The more things you give to god, the more harvest you have in the New Year.

North Korea:North Korea, like our country, also has the custom of Posting window flowers and peach symbols on New Year's day to pray for god's blessing, to drive away ghosts and to give happiness. On the dawn of New Year's day, people put some bills into the pre-packed scarecrow and threw them at the crossroads. They said they were sending away evil and welcomed lucky stars. At dusk, people burn off the hair of the family for a year and wish the family a safe season. During the New Year, the north koreans in addition to outside to enjoy food and wine, still have to do a kind of glutinous rice with pine nuts, honey and chestnut powder, jujube paste, cooking into similar sweet meals to our Chinese rice pudding, to predict home prosperous life as sweet as honey.

Singapore:Lunar New Year's eve, the children have the habit of shou sui, stay until midnight parents sacrifice to gods and ancestors of the rear end of the activity can go to bed, the second day early in the morning to get up early, happily get "red packets" (lucky money) from their elders to see the dragon dance, lion performance along the street, men, women and children dressed in festive costumes, take gifts to visit friends and relatives, everyone's face is permeated with a festive atmosphere. In the Spring Festival, people like to eat Fried glutinous rice and brown sugar made of sweet rice cakes.

Italy:Italy's New Year's eve is a night of revelry, when darkness begins to fall and thousands of people flock to the streets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks, and even firing live bullets. The men and women dance until midnight. Families tidy up old stuff, something that can be broken, and will house and pieces and old POTS, POTS and pans, all into the gate, said to get rid of bad luck and the worry, this is a traditional way to they bowed out New Year in.

Iran:Iran is islamic calendar, its seasons and months are not fixed. In Iran, the celebration of the New Year is a celebration of spring, often in late march and a week of grand celebration. People took to the streets to give birth to "bonfire" -- "night fire", and the whole family jumped from the night fire, saying that burning "evil spirits", ushering in the light, exorcising the disease, the happiness would last forever. Eat "seven courses" on New Year's eve, the name of each dish begins with the letter "S" to signify auspiciousness. On the first and third day, people visit relatives and friends and wish each other a happy Spring Festival. On the last day of the New Year, the whole family went outing to avoid evil.

France:The celebration of the New Year was celebrated with wine, and people began to binge drink from New Year's eve until January 3. The French believe that the weather on the New Year's day heralds a New Year. On New Year's day, they took to the streets to see the wind. The west wind has a great harvest of fishing and milking; The east wind, the fruit will be high yield; The north wind is a lean year.

Switzerland:The Swiss have a New Year's fitness habit, and some of them go mountain climbing, standing on the top of the mountain to face the snow and snow, singing a good life. Some are skiing along the long snow road in the forest, as if looking for the road to happiness; Some of them are on stilts and men and women are playing for good health. Meet the New Year with fitness.

Greece:On New Year's day, every family has to make a large cake with a silver coin in it. The host cut a few pieces of cake for family members or visiting relatives and friends. Everyone congratulated him on who had eaten the piece of cake with the silver coin and who became the luckiest man in the New Year.

romania:On New Year's eve, people put up tall Christmas trees in the square and set the stage. The citizens sang and danced as they burned fireworks. The villagers held wooden ploughs, decorated with colorful flowers, to celebrate the New Year.