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New arrival ! The mask VT102 of 3-D design

  • Автор:sanie
  • Источник:medexpro
  • Отпустите на:2017-09-01

Nowadays,it is a common things to wear mask for many reason which including PM2.5,dust , disease infection, industrial pollution and so on .Until recently, masks were primarily worn by people who had already come down with an illness. If you were feeling under the weather but couldn’t take the day off, common courtesy dictated that you cover your mouth and nose with a mask, so as not to breathe your germs all over you class or office mates or fellow commuters.

Therefore,a new product Head mask VT102 was born.

• Unique shape design allows low profile and good fit
• Enhanced comfort due to easily adjustable nose bridge
• High density and high degradation mask for PM2.5

If you are interested in it,pls contact me directly.