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A perfect "smart measuring" spoon

  • Autor:sanie
  • Quelle:medexpro
  • Lassen Sie auf:2018-09-17
Oriental qualitative thinking: a spoonful of vinegar for stir-fry, a pinch of salt, a few peppercorns, rarely as precise as western quantitative thinking, 5 grams of salt, 2 milliliters of vinegar, and so on.
People always use a spoon to get more things, and finally they need to use their hands or knives to erase the excess. This "intelligent measurement" spoon consists of two parts. Connected by a slip to a closed state when not in use. When used, slide the spoon open and fill it with what you want to take, and finally slide the spoon again to close it so that you get exactly one scoop out.
Western quantitative thinking in the design of the classic business.