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Earloop mask VT101 wholesale in China

Earloop mask VT101 wholesale in China

  • Brand:VIGORT
  • Specifications:average size
  • Model:VT101
  • Material:non-woven fabrics+meltblown
  • Wearing:ear mask worn
  • Operating cycles:better to replace about 7 days
  • Scope of application:PM2.5,dust,haze,disease infection
  • Executive standard:GB2626-2006 KN95

Healthy Safety Respirator Masks Dust Pollen Allergens Flu Germs Masks 

Human body engineering 3D stereo design 
Multilayer non-woven fabric and meltblown,total 4 layers 
Aluminum belt hold shape

Applicable scope 

can be used to protect non oily particles,reduce the odor of some oganic compounds. 
Non oily particulates:dust(mineral property,metallic dust fiber dust)pollen and haze. 
Which can be use to protect environment air pollution fine particle PM 2.5. 
Can’t be suitable for: 
Respirators do not produce oxygen,not in oxygen-deficient environment. 

remember:Can only be used for pollutants, the wrong use will lead to disease or even death. 

Steps for usage 
step 1 
Open the mask, nose clip out.Both hands were pulled side of the band, so that the nose folder above the mask. 
step 2 
Put the mask against the chin. 
step 3 
Pull the band to the ear. 
step 4 
Place your hands in the middle of the metal nose clip.From the middle of the nose by the status quo, until close to the bridge of the nose. 
step 5 
Into the work area,Feel the air leak from the nose, should be re-adjust the nose clip.If you feel no air overflow can enter the work area.

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