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Plaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for petsPlaque Remover for pets

Plaque Remover for pets

  • Model Number:A0203B
  • Power:2*AAA DC Battery
  • Frequency:20,000 Strokes/Min
  • Product Size:202*28mm(H*Dia)
  • Weight:74gm with batteries
  • Noise Level:65db
  • Colour:White

1.Unpack your product.
2.Unlock the lower casing by turning it anti-clockwise.
3.Insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment,follow the correct polarity.
4.Re-mount the lower casing by turning it anti-clockwise.
5.Select the tool tip you prefer to use:
Metal scaler to remove plaque on outer side and surface of tooth
Metal probe to remove plaque on inner side and between teeth
Plastic brush for normal cleaning
6.Power on the device and gently remove plaque and tartar build up on teeth of your pet
7.Clean the teeth after each plaque removal practice
8.Clean the tips and brush every time after use.
9.Keep the device and tools in the plastic storage bag


Pet-INNO Products Limited or its authorized agent or distributor warrant all products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One(1)Year from the date of original consumer purchase.If a defect exists during the warranty period,Pet-Inno Products Limited or its option will either repair or replace the product at no charge.
The warranty will not apply to the product if it has been damaged by misuse,alternation,accident,improper handling or operation,or if unauthorized repairs are attempted or made.Some example of damages not covered by warranty include,but not limited to,water inside device,visible cracking of plastic casing,which are presumed to be damaged resulting from misuse or abuse.


For adult use only.Battery choke hazard.
Do not install batteries backwards,charge,put in fire or mix with other battery types.
May explodeor leak causing injury.Replace all batteries at the same time

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