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Dark body radiation source of low temperature bulb cavity

Dark body radiation source of low temperature bulb cavity

  • R–50A:-50℃~100℃
  • R–30A:-30℃~100℃
  • R–20A:-20℃~150℃
  • R–0A:0℃~150℃
  • cooling time:2h
  • Mouth cavity diameter:Φ50mm
  • emissivity:Better than 0.998
  • Black cavity shape:round
  • temperature resolution:0.01℃
  • Temperature control stability:No larger than (0.1 ℃ and 0.1%t )/ 10 min
  • Distance from cavity to target:350mm
  • Electrical source:220V
  • Watts:3KW
  • volume:850×550×1100mm
  • weight:100Kg
  • medium:special oil

The blackbody radiation source is mainly used to calibrate radiation thermometers, infrared thermography and other radiometric thermometers.
The main technical indexes of blackbody radiation sources are the emission rate of black body cavity, uniformity of target surface, temperature control stability and stability of cavity radiation temperature. In addition to the special design of black body cavity, the temperature uniformity of wall surface is one of the keys of black body technology. This product conforms to JJG 856-2015 national metrology verification code requirements.

Product feature:

Unique air curtain technology ensures that the dew is not exposed at low temperature.
The temperature control adopts advanced PID control technology with high precision and good stability.
Multi-point temperature correction function.
The cavity structure is the spherical cavity, fully guaranteed the launch rate.

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